6-Minute Challenge : HS Special


července 16, 2017 , 6:00 PM

[3rd Floor]

Meet ten Czech outstanding 15-18 year old students following their summer academic studies program at Princeton University. They will present themselves, their experience at Princeton, and their academic aspirations. Moderated by Martin Herman, AFCSLS president. In English and in six minutes!

These students were selected in a tough competition of about 300 best Czech applicants to participate in Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Summer Program at one of twenty four university campuses in the United States. CTY is a program of Johns Hopkins University. Once nominated, each student chooses a course and spends three weeks of intensive studies with about 15 other students from all over the world sharing the same interests and the love of learning. The Czech students’ participation is sponsored by the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies (AFCSLS).

Students: Michael Buchar (Praha - web design), Anna Hrubá (Praha - robotics), Emil Javůrek (Praha -mathematics), Oliver Laryea (Praha - nanotechnology), Filip Novotný (Jihlava- astronomy), Ondřej Pelánek (Brno- ornitology), Martin Picek (České Budějovice - micro controllers), Kristýna Pokorná (Praha - science promotion), Ondřej Tůma (Zlín - electronics) and Vojtěch Turland (Brno - applied mathematics).

Open to the public; suggested donation: $5.00.

Organizátor: SVU New York, American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies, BBLA.