New Bohemia: The Falcon

art exhibition

listopadu 30, 2017 - prosince 30, 2017,

[2nd Floor]

The exhibition "The Falcon" features works by Brooklyn-based artist Zachary Delamater as a part of the New Bohemia series. For "The Falcon" Zachary Delamater created a sculptural installation inspired by Sokol founder Miroslav Tyrš’ idea of gymnastics as a “spacious art.” In his book Gymnastic Exercises and Aesthetics (1873), Tyrš elegantly couples strength with masculine grace and beauty. “Beauty, strength, grace and usefulness do not preclude one another (the Greeks can serve as models); on the contrary usefulness and strength profit by beauty and grace.” Tyrš saw the connection between physical practice and creativity itself—confident “that the Sokol idea would animate artistic creation.”

The multimedia installation is centered around a collection of customizable calisthenic exercise equipment pieces

designed by the artist. Individual components of the equipment are all interchangeable and to be used by the artist

within the installation throughout the course of the exhibition. The Falcon pays homage to the Sokol gym and its

tradition in its use of material. Rubber platforms, ropes, mats, weightlifting equipment, and other objects for training and conditioning the body are some of the materials which the artist presents in his new sculptural installation. In addition, the exhibition includes works on paper inspired by original Sokol posters and a collage installation using a transparency projector.

Free and open to the public. For more information, please visit

Organizátor: Czech Center NY