6-Minute Challenge


April 19, 2017 , 7:00 PM

[3rd Floor]

The fifth edition of Czech and Slovak Academic Show & Tell. Czech and Slovak artists, professionals, students and scholars at universities and institutions in the USA are challenged to introduce the subject of their project, research or studies in a short presentation limited to six minutes. In English. Moderated by Christopher Harwood, PhD, Columbia University.

PParticipants include: Andrea Cumpelik (NYU student - neuroscience), Josef Machac, MD (internal medicine - obesity), Magdalena Urbankova (art education), Anna Rathkopf (Jewish studies and Her2 project), Barbora Gregusova, (Columbia University, PhD student - musicology), Jan Zika, PhD (TV production), Elizabeth Rajec, PhD (Franz Kafka project), Adela Wagner (visual activist, All People Are project) and Karolina Syrovatkova (pianist, Living by the Great Composers series).

Free and open to the public; suggested donation $5. For more information, visit www.bohemianbenevolent.org.

Organized by: SVU New York, BBLA, Consulate General of Slovakia in New York