The Teacher

Czech That Film Showcase

May 2, 2017 , 7:00 PM

[1st Floor]

A seemingly passionate and kind teacher uses her pupils to manipulate their parents for her own personal benefit, whether for material gain or even the promise of a romantic affair. Concerned about the school performance of their beloved children, most parents succumb to the pressure and provide the teacher with various services and gifts. Three families, however, decide to take a stand and try to remedy the situation together with the school head teacher at a clandestine parent meeting. Inspired by true events, this suspenseful and highly topical film about the strength of human character, although set in the early 1980s, tells a universal story that could happen anytime and anywhere…at least as long as corruption, pettiness, and selfishness still rule the world.

Director: Jan Hřebejk, 2016, 102 min, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic. Q&A with Director.

Free and open to the public. Seats are limited. For more information and to reserve your seat, please visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY