Ester Havlova: Bound to Architecture

photography exhibition

October 4, 2017 - September 6, 2018,

[3rd Floor]

Ester Havlova is a professional photographer focused on architecture but also on theater photography. An award-winning artist, she has created fascinating images for many Czech books and catalogs about classical and modern architecture. She is especially known for mapping Czech cubist architectural scene - the book with her photographs addressing the work of the famous cubist architect Josef Gocar was awarded the Most Beautiful Book of Year 2010 award at the Czech Grand Design Awards. She was named Photographer of the Year at the same time.

Ester Havlova studied at the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with professor Pavel Stecha. This outstanding photographer had a strong influence on her attitude and perception of architectural photography. Her simple interpretation without any misleading and glamorizing effects concentrates on special characteristic details, rhythm of lines and planes, color play and light contrasts. She looks for the moments which make the object unique - it could be a part of the structure, an opening, a network of elements or a pattern on the facade. She sees geometric lines and links as abstract images which, connected with authentic details, sometimes suddenly shift her image above a realistic description of the building or photographed object. This way, the artist offers a thin passage to non-real space of almost sci-fi fantasy and to inner secret rooms of our imagination.

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Organized by: BBLA Gallery