The Spectres are Haunting Europe

Echoes of Jihlava Film Festival

October 17, 2017 , 7:00 PM

[1st Floor]

The Idomeni refugee camp housed people from the Middle East who were trying to cross the border into Europe. When the Greek police closed the camp, the refugees resisted and blocked a railway line used to deliver goods. Maria Kourkouta’s minimalist documentary not only observes these events but also presents carefully modeled static images that open up the space within and without the frame of view, and in the closing black-and-white sequence offers a poetic commentary. The result is a bleak portrait of a place where endless lines of refugees try to preserve the final remnants of their individual freedoms.

Directors: Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari, run time: 99 minutes, language: Greek, Arabic, English, origin: Greece, France.

Ji.hlava International Film Festival is the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, celebrating a creative documentary film. Ji.hlava pays tribute to courage and risk in the human spirit, highlighting documentaries with significant topics as artwork.

Free and open to the public. Seats are limited, on first come, first served basis. For more information and to reserve your seat, please visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY