Schubert: Octet

concert with illustrative talk

December 14, 2017 , 7:30 pm

[4th floor]

Ying Quarter will perform Franz Schubert’s Octet in Fmajor D.803 Op. 166. Illustrated talk by Misha Donat. Joseph Anderer (horn), William Short (bassoon), Alexander Bedenko (clarinet), Brendan Kane (double bass).

No piece by Franz Schubert pays clearer homage to his greatest contemporary, Beethoven, than his Octet - one of Schubert’s most irresistibly exuberant chamber works. It was commissioned by Count Ferdinand Troyer, amateur clarinetist and chief steward to Beethoven’s pupil and patron Archduke Rudolph of Austria. Troyer wanted a piece modeled on Beethoven’s Septet, Op. 20, and Schubert duly scored his music for an almost identical ensemble. He also mirrored Beethoven’s six-movement scheme, even prefacing each of the outer movements with a slow introduction. And as in the Beethoven, the work’s centerpiece is a set of variations. This being Schubert, the variation theme comes from one of his vocal compositions: a duet in a Singspiel he had composed at the age of eighteen.

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Organized by:  Aspect Foundation for Music and Arts