Masterpieces of Czechoslovak Cinema

film marathon

March 24, 2018 , 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Celebrating 120 years of (the former) Czechoslovak film, perhaps the richest and most visually striking of all Central European cinema. From the dynamic black and white classics by master directors to moving present-day features, follow our selection of twelve outstanding films surviving the test of time.


11:00 am (1st Floor Cinema)

Alice, 1987, dir. Jan Svankmajer, run time: 86 min.

11:30 am (4th Floor Ballroom)

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, 1958, dir. Karel Zeman, run time: 85 min.

2:00 pm (1st Floor Cinema)

Hop-Pickers, 1964, dir. Ladislav Rychman, run time: 92 min.

2:30 pm (4th Floor Ballroom)

Kristian, 1939, dir. Martin Fryc, run time 95 min.

3:30 pm (3rd Floor)

The Cassandra Cat, 1963, dir. Vojtech Jasny, run time 100 min.

4:00 pm (1st Floor Cinema)

Oil Lamps, 1971, dir. Juraj Herz, run time 101 min.

4:20 pm (4th Floor Ballroom)

Men About Town, 1969, dir. Zdenek Podskalsky, run time: 99 min.

5:45 pm (3rd Floor)

Higher Principle, 1969, dir. Jiri Krejsi, run time 102 min.

6:15 pm (1st Floor Cinema)

Return of the Idiot, 1999, dir. Sasa Gedeon, run time: 99 min.

7:00 pm (4th Floor Ballroom)

Marketa Lazarova, 1967, dir. Frantisek Vlacil, 162 min.

8:00 pm (3rd Floor)

My Sweet Little Village, 1985, dir. Jiri Menzel, run time: 98 min.

8:30 pm (1st Floor Cinema)

Eroticon, 1929, dir. Gustav Machaty, run time: 85 min.

Free and open to the public; no rsvp is required. Seats are available on first-come, first-served basis. For more information about the films, please visit

Organized by: Czech Center New York