Zakazane uvolnenie


May 10, 2018 , 7:00 PM

[4th Floor]

The play "Zakazane uvolnenie" (The Forbidden Ease) by Petr Kolecko and presented by Astorka Korzo '90 is a comedy about a bride's kidnapping, with an unexpected twist. On the day of the ice hockey world championship semifinals, a village pub is deserted due to the broken cable TV connection. A bride and the best man who kidnapped her, wander into the empty pub. The only person inside the pub is the owner, a former actress. Waiting for the groom extends from an hour to two hours, to three... and the story of three young women starts unveiling.

Zakazane uvolnenie, dir. Alena Lelkova and Michael Zakutanska, cast: Zuzana Porubjakova, Reka Derzsi, Zuzana Konecna.

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Organized by: BBLA, Multiharmony Corp.