performance, Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival

September 29, 2018 , 12:00 pm

The Hungarian company HoPPart brings the alternative musical show SCALE 1:5 to the streets of New York. Using a portable sound system and headphones, they will take the audience for a walk around Yorkville, the neighborhood of Bohemian National Hall. The players will follow the traces of the Czech, German and Hungarian communities that formerly inhabited this part of the Upper East Side. SCALE 1:5 has been adapted and performed in Budapest, Prague, Kosice, Marseille, Graz, and Brussels.

SCALE 1:5 is presented by HOPPart, Budapest, Hungary, directed by Tamas Herczeg.

Cast: Tamas Herczeg, Magdolna Kiss Diana, Kata Szilagyi. Zoltan Friedenthal, Tamas Kereszteny.

This performance is part of the 2018 Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival, the second edition of a unique festival presenting in New York City the best in Central European theater.

Free and open to the public. The attendees will meet in front of the historic Bohemian National Hall. The walk with the performance will be approximately 60 minutes long. RSVP is required. For more information and to reserve your ticket, please visit

Organized by: Vaclav Havel Library Foundation, BBLA