Europe Then and Now in Audio Drama

panel discussion | Freedom & Movement Festival

November 16, 2018 , 7:00 - 8:30 pm

[3rd Floor]

This panel discussion will explore the role of audio drama in documenting and dissecting political events, the experience of bringing history to life through sound, and the challenges and pleasures of reaching new audiences. Moderator Sarah Montague, producer of PRI’s Selected Shorts and a frequent guest director with Play for Voices, will speak with artists affiliated with three PfV productions that explore the legacy of 1989: Tereza Semotamova and Barbora Ruzickova, the author and translator of Please Enter Destination; Elena Mancini, the translator of It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark; Jocelyn Kuritsky, an actor featured in both I Regret Nothing and It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark; Carol Monda, an actor featured in both Please Enter Destination and It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark; and Matt Fidler, a Play for Voices co-producer who designed the sound for I Regret Nothing.

Free and open to the public. For more information and to reserve your ticket, visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY