Illegal Helpers

staged reading | Freedom & Movement Festival

November 16, 2018 , 8:30 - 9:30 pm

[3rd Floor]

Illegal Helpers is a German play by Maxi Obexer, in Neil Blackadder’s English translation. This innovative and timely piece of audio drama explores the current refugee crisis in Europe through the eyes of average citizens, drawing upon interviews with Swiss and Austrian residents from all walks of life—doctors, judges, social workers, activists, and students—who have taken it upon themselves to help refugees, even when that means breaking the law. The stories of the helpers are periodically interrupted by the voice of an impersonal “legislator,” who reads out official statutes regulating the movement and treatment of refugees. Through this juxtaposition, the play questions the justness of a society that criminalizes humanitarian actions. Play for Voices co-producer Katrin Redfern will direct this reading as a live recording, to be released as an episode later in November.

Illegal Helpers will be performed by: JJ Condon, Roberto De Felice, Guenevere Donohue, Mariam Habib, Asta Hansen, Wayne Maugans, Joe Primavera, Francisco Solorzano, Harold Tarr, Pauline Walsh.

Free and open to the public. For more information and to reserve your ticket online, visit

Organized by: Czech Center NY