Halka Tresnakova: Neutral Presence on the Stage

theatre workshop

March 3, 2016 , 6:00 - 9:00 PM

A physical theater workshop creating short choreographies exploring structure and movement cuts for dancers/actors. In this three hour long workshop Halka will introduce her theatrical approach in the genre of physical theatre. Participants will start with warm up and technical exercises. Then they will be taught short physical choreographies in which they will use their own creative abilities as well as new tools, like structure and movement cuts. The workshop will be followed by a short discussion with the participants where Halka will give professional feedback. This workshop is designed for dancers, actors but also all participants with strong interest in their body and its functions. Wear comfortable cloths and socks.

Halka Třešňáková graduated from the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theater at The Prague Academy of Music (HAMU). She has worked with artists from various countries and has been a co-creator of an entire range of projects including: Hanging Man (Ctibor Turba); Strangeness / Divnosti, The Life of Fanta Zije, Talkmen (Jednotka); I Dressed and Ate; Cat (Petr Krušelnický); On His Couch; and Mezzo, Už muž, and Money Transformance with Second Hand Women.

In the recent years she performed as an actress in Uranium, Stud Fee, Oil, and Pustina by Miroslav Bambušek. Currently you can see her in the performance Mrs. Rabbi at the Slovak National Theater or at the Czech National Theater in the play Enron, for which she also created the movement choreography. Her current work includes the performance of Brass Band by Vosto 5 theater about the post-war massacre on Germans done by Czechs in a small town near Jihlava. Currently she is working as movement choreographer at City Theater Brno on the performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, where she explores new ways to find a stage language for the movement of an autistic boy and the reactions towards him from the outside world.

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Organized by: Czech Center NY