March 15, 2016 , 7:00 PM

Two semi-documentaries joined by popular music and the vicissitudes of Czech adolescence directed by Milos Forman. This two-part comedy consists of "Why Do We Have All These Brass Bands?" and "The Audition." (1963, 84 minutes.)

Two brass bands practice to compete in an honorary ceremony. The two units are made up of primarily elderly musicians, but each has a youthful member as well. When the two young musicians forego practice to attend a motorcycle race, they are kicked out of their respective bands. The two musicians simply join up with the rival units to compete in the upcoming competition at the ceremony.

In the first, a pair of young musicians in rival brass bands skips an important concert to attend a motorcycle race In "The Audition," two young teenage girls vie for a spot in a musical play. When the winner is stricken with stage fright, the second girl is slated to perform, amidst concerns over her supreme overconfidence.

Both stories whimsically illustrate the wish to transcend drab, authoritarian strictures.

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