March 24, 2016 , 7:00 PM

Ryan Brown, conductor and artistic director of Opera Lafayette, and historian Dr. Judith A. Miller explore the operatic Greek tragedies of Sapho, Médée, and Œdipe à Colone performed during the French Revolution. With the French Revolution raging in the streets, how did the artistic milieu of Paris react?

This lecture is based on Opera Lafayette’s full length production at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater. While musicologists have written extensively about music and the French Revolution in the last decade, performances of many of these works have yet to be heard in New York. Martini’s Sapho will be a modern premiere. The lecture looks at three dramatic scenes from classical Greek tragedies set by Martini, Cherubini and Sacchini. These operas held the stage for multiple performances in the 1790s and reflect the tumultuous times of the French Revolution. They hope to shed light on how music expresses feelings about important societal events that may not be able to expressed in the course of daily life, and how this is important not only for creators but for audiences.

Ryan Brown is a recipient of La Medaille d’Or du Rayonnement Culturel from La Renaissance Française.

The lecture will feature music from their production performed by a soloist and pianist from the Opera Lafayette Company.

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Organized by: Czech Center NY